Two Easy Steps to Go Green and Save Money

Two Easy Steps to Go Green and Save Money

Go Green and Save Money!


1. Use a plastic-free reusable water bottle!

If you are one of those people who consume several bottled water everyday, you are not only wasting money and creating plastic garbage that will stay in the ocean forever, but also increasing the risk of multiple health issues caused by BPA from the plastic bottles such as hormone disruption, toxicity burden, cancer, and obesity!


So here is the monetary saving analysis breakdown, assuming you only drink 3 bottles of water a day:

Average cost of one bottled water assuming you buy in bulk is $0.2, consuming 3 means $0.6 a day or roughly $18 a month.

A decent stainless-steel reusable water bottle is about $8 - $15, but the filtered water you drink from this bottle is practically $0 or $0.004 a gallon based on American Water Works Association.

You can literally replace your water bottle every year (not that I’m recommending you do so) and still save $200 a year. On top of all of the long-term health risks related to plastic water bottles, the choice here is a no-brainer!

2. Recycle all of your existing energy wasting light bulb!

Most of the time we encourage people to use up what they have first before replacing everything with the green alternatives, but light bulb is one of the exceptions, because of the immediate energy and money saving benefits. Below is a detailed analysis:

Let’s hold the brightness level at a constant of 460 lumens (which is the lower end of the spectrum, the brighter the bulb is the more savings you will enjoy!), here is the energy and cost required to operate a traditional bulb vs a LED bulb


Traditional light bulb: Requires 40W of energy or $5/year/lightbulb

LED bulb with equivalent brightness: Requires 6W of energy or $0.7/year/lightbulb

Using the average number of light bulbs in US households, which is 40, the saving is below:

Traditional: $5x40 = $200

LED: $0.7x40 = $28

Annual Savings: $200 - $28 = $172!


Again, the brighter you want your house to be lit up, the more savings you will have!

So, what are you still waiting for? Take action now!