Tips For Green Travel

Tips For Green Travel

Tips For Green Travel

Travel can inspire us and help us to live in harmony with the natural world. Seeing our precious planet re-fuels us for our efforts to protect it. But travel sometimes comes with a heavy carbon cost. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy eco-friendly, green travel, wherever you roam:


Go Slow

Slow travel usually costs less, in terms of carbon. It also helps to reduce our impact on the planet. Rather than flying, cruising or taking a car, think about walking, cycling, kayaking or sailing. Not only will you be greener, you will also be able to truly enjoy the world around you.


Get Off the Beaten Track

Mass tourism costs the environment, putting huge strain on natural resources in a given area and often negatively impacting local people as well. Escape the crowds and go greener by choosing destinations that are a little out of the ordinary, and going outside peak season.


Stay Sustainably

Certain accommodation options are obviously lower impact than others. Choose eco-friendly options such as camping, a farm-stay, or a green hotel. Think about how your chosen accommodation deals with energy use, water, waste and conservation before booking.


Consider Waste


While travelling, it is also important to consider the waste you yourself generate and to keep it to a minimum. Take a water bottle with you to avoid having to buy single use plastic bottles, for example, and try to buy fresh, whole food rather than heavily packaged items.


Green travel means that you can enjoy our world without making it a worse place to live.